What about the warranty of the e-bike after installation of BikeTrax

You don't have to worry about losing the warranty on your e-bike when using BikeTrax.

Best news first: Thousands of GPS trackers are used worldwide and there has not been a single loss of warranty. E-bike dealers and engine manufacturers are trying to protect themselves completely and want to keep their support costs to a minimum. If you consider that motor systems sell by the millions, these companies have a lot of work to do. We can therefore understand the standard answer "warranty expires" to a certain extent.

You can rely on BikeTrax for three reasons:
1.) We use standard components from the automotive industry.
2.) When installing BikeTrax we do not interfere with the data system (CAN-Bus) of your e-bike. We limit ourselves to a minimum current consumption of around 50 milliamperes.
3.) We are not aware of a single loss of warranty due to our GPS theft protection. But you can play it safe and remove the GPS tracker from your bike in case of warranty claims. The use of the GPS tracker cannot then be proven.

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