What to do if my bike is stolen (theft)

How you proceed in case of theft is up to you and varies from case to case. Our recommendation is that you contact the police as soon as possible and do not put yourself in danger. If a bike is stolen without a GPS tracker, the police will usually not take any action, as the investigation of the theft is like a small-scale detective job. The effort is disproportionately high in relation to the crime. This has now changed with BikeTrax. With BikeTrax the police have a very concrete clue. Namely the location of the stolen e-bike. They take action and are successful. Dozens of thefts solved thanks to BikeTrax show us that. In any case, the police were and are very cooperative and always give their best. Important: First of all, theft should be prevented. You will be informed via the movement alarm if someone tries to get hold of your e-bike. Switching on the light (if the e-bike is parked in a large garage), shouting loudly and making noise has proven to be a good way for thieves to escape. To our knowledge, a direct confrontation was never necessary. 

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